Ladybird Facts

By 05/02/2017August 22nd, 2017Wonderful Wildlife

The 7 Spot Ladybird

The 7-spot Ladybird is ‘the’ ladybird that everyone is familiar with – its the most common of Britain’s ladybirds.

A virtually ubiquitous inhabitant of gardens and parks, both larvae and adults feed on aphids which helps their image as a gardener’s friend. They hibernate during winter and can be found in cracks and crevices, often in outbuildings and around window frames. Large numbers often migrate here from the Continent in warm years.

The 7-spot Ladybird will turn up anywhere there are aphids for it to feed on. Adults hibernate in hollow plant stems and cavities, sometimes clustering together in large numbers. The 7-spot Ladybird is also a migratory species: large numbers fly in from the continent every spring, boosting our native population. The bright colours of ladybirds warn predators that they are distasteful, although some birds may still have a go at eating them.