Helping YOU Reconnect with YOUR Wildlife

‘7-out-of-10 people British people feel they are losing touch with nature’.

New research published 24 July 2017, by the Jordans Farm Partnership, looked at how connected the nation is to British wildlife and the natural world.

13% said they had not been to the countryside for more than two years, while almost 1 in 4 parents said they did not know enough to teach their children about wildlife.

A further survey reported by the Telegraph in April 2017 has found that more than half of all Britons are unable to identify a sparrow. A Plant Life survey June 2017 found that 80% did not know a common dog violet, despite being a common sight across most of the UK.

Less than half of young people could name a bluebell and very few could identify a red clover flower. Despite this there is a huge demand for more knowledge and information across our wider population.

This current status and the clear public interest to learn more, has led us to develop simple products that represent the best of British wildlife. Using our original illustrations we have created engaging products that also have the benefit of including simple nature nuggets that provide bite sized information on each species illustrated.

Our aim is to ‘Help YOU Re-Connect to YOUR Wildlife helping to inspire children and adults alike as to the beauty of our British wildlife.

About our Founder

We began our life as a singular illustration – painted by the hand of Lyn Merrick; as her inspiration from British wildlife was in no short supply, her collection grew one carefully crafted image at a time – and over the course of four decades today stands at an impressive 1,000 images – each depicting a singular piece of the perfectly formed natural world.

Lyn is somewhat of a veteran of the ecological and environmental world– with a career that has spanned some forty years, beginning as a primary school teacher, and then ran the Hertfordshire County Council Field Studies Centre for several years. Subsequently she received an MSc in Ecology & Conservation from University College London. Following her studies she set up The Ecology & Conservation Centre, near Saffron Walden, Essex, providing Field Studies for local schools.

She has always been inspired by both the natural world, and the challenges of teaching the smallest of minds about the tiny insects and bugs that call our woodlands, gardens and parks their home. From this she set up Gatekeeper Educational Limited, for which the illustrations were drawn, to design and produce hand illustrated British wildlife ID guides for schools and educational establishments.

Wonderful Wildlife and it’s affiliate company LM Licensing, is the ultimate result of all that Lyn has created and achieved over the last four decades.

Products with British wildlife illustrations by Lyn Merrick