At this year’s Gardener’s World Live 2017 show, Wonderful Wildlife is delighted to be working with Viv Seccombe of Outside Garden Design and Artemis Landscapes Ltd in the design and development of their wildlife friendly front garden ‘Living in Sync’ due to be constructed on the APL Avenue at this year’s Gardeners’ World Live show which is being held at the NEC in Birmingham on 15 to 18th June 2017.

Gardeners’ World Live will be celebrating its 50th anniversary and wildlife gardening will be one of the main themes of the show.

Britain’s front gardens, for so long part of our unique landscape, have been slowly disappearing in recent years, in favour of acres of easy care paving, resulting in a loss of our garden wildlife. But as sustainability grows in understanding and impact, that trend is changing. It’s not just about putting back colour and personality into our outdoor spaces, sustainability demands we work alongside wildlife with each creature playing an active role, brought to life here in the ‘Living in Sync’ garden at Gardeners World Live 2017.

Using the experience and knowledge base of Wonderful Wildlife we have worked to source suitable bug friendly materials and filled the beautiful and architectural bug towers and bug boxes, which will make up a major feature of the garden. These are made from recycled wooden pallets, back filled with lots of leaf mulch, so already home to many bugs. In addition, we will be designing and supplying our illustrated garden friendly wildlife boards which will be sited on the garden in order to help visitors understand the essential roles of wildlife in our gardens.

This will be available at the show and also to download at   Our illustrated guide on how to make a Bug Box will also be available on our website, Instagram and Pinterest pages and handed out during the show.